2020 Texas State Championship (WIP)

Post date: May 27, 2011 12:55:35 AM

This is the FIRST/UIL Texas State Championship

This year we will be competing in the Palmer Center in Austin Texas Wednesday -Sunday April 3rd-6th 2019.

We will be staying in a hotel in Austin for 4 nights

Student Interest Form https://goo.gl/forms/keevIupzIIEJmUhX2

Event Competition Information: https://www.thebluealliance.com/event/2019txpla

Eligibility Requirements:

Students wishing to go on the trip need to be active members of the Pearce Robotics Club in good standing.

Students must also be passing all classes in-accordance with the UIL Pass Play Rules.

Students must also be enrolled at J.J. Pearce High-school.

Students & guardians must fill out all required forms


The 2019 FIRST/UIL Texas State Championship will be on Wednesday -Sunday April 3rd-8th 2019

Important Locations

Event Location:

Palmer Events Center- 900 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Hotel Information:

Comfort Inn

700 Delmar Ave,

Austin, TX, US, 78752

Important Contacts:

Teacher Sponsor: Kenneth Clausing

Lead Mentor:Stuart Rampy



Required Forms:

Cost Information:

An additional $125 deposit is needed for this event for students or mentors

Carpool Information

We will be using 2 district SUVs 1 Teacher Truck and 1 Mentor(or parent) car/van

Students will travel in the District SUVs Driven by RISD Employees

chaperones and mentors will be distributed between the vehicles (it is not the responsibility of the driver to chaperone the students)

Students will be assigned* a vehicle for the trip at the time of leaving from Pearce. They will ride in this vehicle every time the team moves, the lead mentor and sponsor will maintain a checkin/checkout sheet for each planned trip.

* assignments may change due to specific event needs, a face to face acknowledgement will be made between the affected drivers and students, these changes will be logged in the check out sheet

Special Dress/Packing Instructions

This is a FIRST Robotics Multi Day Over Night Trip. Please dress accordingly.

    • Pearce Robotics Team Polo (Saturday)
    • A 2019 FRC Season T-Shirt (Friday)
    • A Pearce Robotics Work shirt (Thursday)
    • A Pearce Robotics Hoodie (if its cold)
    • Close Toed Shoes
    • Safety Glasses
    • Toiletries
    • Sleeping Clothing

Food Information

Breakfast Information

Breakfast will be at the hotel

Lunch Information

Lunch will be sandwiches and a picnic provided by the club and served at noonish.

Dinner Information

Each Member going will be given a dinner stipend of $15 before each dinner meal, they may spend as much or as little of it as they wish and carry over to the next meal.

Some meals will be provided by the event calendar

Dinner Locations

Wednesday - on the road

Thursday - Dinner Delivered to Competition

Friday - TBD

Saturday - P-51 Team Dinner

Snack Information

Snacks and water will be provided and stored in the pits and in the stand.

Adult Chaperone Information:

To be a Chaperone you will need to fill out the RISD Volunteer Form (https://risd.voly.org/index.html), instructions on https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/UZNYpb2eb9qWtKDMSPdHGsBP this can take up to 2 weeks to be added to the list of approved RISD Volunteers so please do so as soon as you think you may want to chaperone.

As a Chaperone you will be responsible for working with the Teacher Sponsors to keep the Students safe, feed, and enjoying their time on the trip, you will also be responsible for keeping the students following the rules of the trip and following the conduct agreement. If you are a driver you will be assigned a list of students and adults that will be driving with you. you may also be asked by the event leaders to take on other responsibilities like lunch shopping, early morning robot team load in, assist with home depot runs, or other administrative items.

Chaperone Event Packet


Chaperone List:


Schedule for The 2019 Plano FIT District FRC Competition:

Day 1 Wednesday April 3rd 2019 - Travel & Load in

3:00p Team Meets in Shop to load the trucks

4:30p Team Leave Pearce for Palmer Events Center

6:30p Team Dinner on the road

8:30p Load in Robot at Palmer Events Center

9:30p check in to Comfort Inn

12:00m Lights out

Day 2 Thursday April 4th 2019 - Practice & Inspections - Wear Work shirt

7:15a Breakfast starts at Comfort Inn

7:30a Trailer & Truck leave for Team Load In.

8:15a Pearce Carpool Leaves for Palmer Events Center

8:15p Designated Parent Leaves to Buy and Pack Lunches

8:30a Pits Open

9:00a Drivers Meeting

9:30a Practice Matches Start

9:30a Inspection Starts

12:00n Break for Lunch (Tailgate)

1:00p Practice Rounds continue

5:15p Money Chaperone hands out Dinner Money

5:30p Most of Team Leaves for Dinner

6:00p Dinner

7:30p Team back at Comfort Inn

7:30p Study Hall

11:00p Lights out

Day 3 Friday April 5th 2019 - Seeding Day - Wear FRC Season Shirt

6:30a Breakfast starts at Comfort Inn

7:45a Carpool to Palmer Events Center

8:00a Pits Open

8:30a Opening Ceremonies

9:00a Seeding Matches Start

12:00n Break for Lunch (Tailgate)

1:00p Seeding Rounds continue

5:45p Awards Ceremony

7:00p Money Chaperone hands out Dinner Money

7:00p Pits close

7:15p Team Dinner

8:00p Team back at Comfort Inn

8:00p Study Hall Open

11:00p Lights out

Day 4 Saturday April 7th 2018 - Finals Wear Team Polo

6:30a Breakfast starts at Comfort Inn

7:45a Carpool to Palmer Events Center

8:00a Pits open

8:30a Opening ceremonies

9:00a Seeding matches start

12:15n Alliance Selection Starts

12:30p Break for Lunch (Tailgate)

1:30p Final Rounds Start

4:30p Team packs up Pit

5:45p Awards Ceremony

6:00p Team Pictures

6:15p Team leaves for Dinner

6:30p Team Dinner

8:00p Team back at Comfort Inn

8:00p Study Hall Open

11:00p Lights out

Day 5 Sunday April 8th 2018 - Travel back to Pearce

6:30a Breakfast starts at Comfort Inn

8:30a Team Leaves for Pearce

12:00n Team arrives at Pearce

12:05p Team packs Robot and Pit Back into Shop

12:20p Event Done



No charge for parking