7. CAD & Designing for Testing (DFT)

Designing always as restrictions and goals. When you design for testing you want it to be build FAST, and flexible enough to FULLY EXPLORE what you think is important.

For this Process we use Onshape to design, and Slack to communicate and work out our designs. you may also want to use inkscape and the laser cutter for more rapid protoypng

Slots and multi holes

    • in your design put in slots to test out slightly different locations. especialy for shooters and gatherers where tenths of an inch can drastically change the design
    • in your design put in hole matrix to test out mounting points. this will help in mounting to a chassis or manipulator also in a state of testing

Configurable Parts

If you are making CADs for this design take the time to make your part configurable. This will save you hours of time as you change and change your design in the build process

Top items 2 weeks from now you wish you made configurable now.

    • Length
    • Depth
    • Height
    • Width
    • Hole pattern distance from edge (x and y)
    • Any slope or curve angle