Table Saw

Table Saw Safety

Please become familiar with the Pearce Robotics General Safety Guidelines before use.

In addition to the general shop rules please follow these additional rules when using the bandsaw

    • Wear gloves to prevent splinters and have a better grip on work pieces.
    • Use a push bar when you are able.
    • 2 people are required to use this tool
      • one feeding the lumber, one catching it

Table Saw Overview

The StopSaw is for wood only do not use metal as it will break the saw immediately upon contact.

Our Table saw is a StopSaw Jobsite Saw. We use it for cutting large cuts of wood

It has additional safety circuitry in it that will drop and stop the blade if your finger touches the blade(DON'T TEST THIS), in addition to sending skin the circuitry will detect metal as skin and break the blade and saw break ($140 in parts and 2 hours of replacement)

Even with the additional built in safety it is still important to respect this tool as failure of the safety system could cause dismemberment or death.

Table Saw Use

    1. The saw should be taken outside before use and set up with at-least 4 feet of clearance in all directions.
    2. Raise the blade to the desired height with the side crank
    3. When cutting plywood sheets one person stands in front (feet shoulder width apart) with control of the switch and feeds the sheet to a person standing in the back (feet shoulder width apart)
    4. Turn off the saw as soon as the cut is done

Table Saw Maintenance

    • Each night the blade should be fully retracted and the saw stored in the shop.

Additional Documentation

Manufacture Website