Student On-boarding

Welcome to the Pearce Robotics Team!

This guide it to get you set up in all our tools and get you started with being a member!

Sign Up Form

Before you can become an Active Member of the club we need you to fill out this form and tell us about yourself.

Parent Packet

make sure you print off and give your parent our packet to read and sign.

In addition we need each of them to fill out this contact form

Set up Cloud Apps

Next you'll want to sign up for our cloud apps (Get a Mentor or Student officer to help you). these all work on any PC with a web browser AND your chromebooks

Set up any "Thick" Apps

Some of our tools can need to be installed. they are already on the team classroom PCs, but you may also want to install them on your personal PCs ( most will not work on your chrome books)

Start Your Training and Certifications

Join the greater FRC Community

    • Create a Chief Delphi Account

      • Be Respectful, Pleasant, and Helpful.