We want the Pearce Robotics Club to be a fun place for everyone to learn about Engineering Robots and Life. We do this by instilling a culture of fun, hard work, inclusion and respect.


Team Guidelines

Taken from Team Buzz FRC#33

    1. Show Up - We are a team. To be a part of the team you need to be here, on time, and for the entire time.
    2. Speak Up - Communication is the key to teamwork. Your ideas matter and we want to hear them.
    3. Listen Up - There is a time to speak and a time to listen. Everyone knowing the difference is key to a successful team.
    4. Smarten Up - The goal of our program is to make you smarter. Aggressively learn as much as you can.
    5. Step Up - Take charge of your work and become a valued member of the team. Good work benefits everyone.
    6. Grow Up - Everyone on the team is an adult. we will treat you like an adult as long as you act like an adult.
    7. Build Up - Each of us is learning. We don't put our team members down, We support them. If someone needs help we help them with the intent of building up.
    8. Clean Up - Our Shop is our home. We all need to work to keep it clean, safe, and productive.
    9. Hurry Up - Time is our most precious resource. Keep quality in mind, but get things done quickly.
    10. Live It Up - Robotics is hard work and hard work is fun. Live it up because it doesn't get much better than this.
    11. Never Give Up - We achieve because we never stop trying to get better. As long as we never give up we win.

Imagine Inspire Innovate


Imagine is seeing your world for what it could be.

It's having an idea for a robot.

It's planning to make something better.

It's thinking f\of the highest goal you can.

Imagine is the dreaming part of the club.


Inspire is what we do to achieve our goals.

It's trying out an idea and seeing how far you can push yourself.

It's going out in the community and getting people involved.

It's building a really cool robot to show off to your friends.

Inspire is the active part of the club.


Innovate is what we do once we have achieved or tried to achieve our goal.

It's looking back at what went well,

It's rewarding ourselves for our accomplishments

It's learning from our falls.

Innovate is how we get better every day.

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