Build Night Dinners

For "Standard Meeting" Days during the build season ( when we meet past 6:30) , we have the parent sign up for days to provide dinner, the parent that brings dinner gets a dinner stipend of $1.50 for each student member of the club (that has paid dues).

Dinner Calendar


    • Reimbursement will be done automatically every Sunday evening once dues are in.

Meal Information

    • Drop off is at the shop from 6:15 PM - 6:45 PM. The shop is located behind the band hall. Please ask if you need directions. Students are available to help unload. The shop does have a small mini-fridge.

    • Please bring enough food to feed 15 people. Attendance is variable, but we won't know in advance an exact count.

    • Please label all items that have peanuts, shellfish, milk, or eggs. Students at this age can avoid certain foods as long as they are aware of ingredients.

    • Disposable containers are great but all non-disposable dishes will be returned. These are usually returned immediately if they are empty or in a few days if there were any leftovers. Ask your student to bring them home if they forget.

    • Drinks such as tea/lemonade gallons are welcomed. Individual disposable water bottles are discouraged due to the students leaving these around the shop.

    • Snacks, Clorox wipes, paper products (paper towels, plates, napkins), trash bags, and disposable silverware are always welcomed.

Covid Protocol

  • Dinner will be served in the Corral with social distancing while eating.

Dinner Ideas

If you bring it, they will eat it! There may be condiments in the fridge, ask your student to check before you bring any.

Favorite meals in the past have been:

    • Tacos

    • Spaghetti

    • Frito Chili Pie

    • Pasta Bakes

    • Pizza

    • BBQ Sandwiches