RISD Volunteer and Background Check (for Non-RISD Adult members)

RISD Background Check & Volunteer System.

All adults (and graduated Students attending summer off season events) will need to register in the RISD Volunteer system, join the Pearce Robotics Booster Club "Team" and take an RISD Volunteer Orientation each year. You can also record your hours in their system if you would like.

    1. Go to https://risd.voly.org/index.html

    2. Fill out your information to create an account.

    3. Fill out a volunteer Application form selecting Pearce High School as the school at which you are volunteering. If you are also working with Parkhill Jr High or Richardson North jr High, please check those boxes as well).

    4. Click Submit.

    5. Click Orientation.

    6. Walk through the RISD Orientation.

    7. Click next when done.

    8. In the top right hand corner you will see a box labeled Teams, click it.

    9. Find the Pearce Robotics Booster Club from the list of teams and click it.

    10. Click Join