Booth in a Box

for larger fundraising and outreach events we need a booth to describe the team.

the Booth in a Box is a ready to go Booth.

Pearce Robotics Booth

Kit Contents

    • 1x Heavy Duty Rolling Tote
    • 1x Auxiliary box
    • 2x Camping Chairs
    • 1x 6' folding table
    • 1x Table Skirt
    • 1x Name Banner
    • 1x Left Side banner
    • 1x Right Side banner
    • 1x Team Trifold
    • 2x Side banner stands
    • 1x Name banner stand
    • 1x Trifold holder
    • 2x poster stands
    • 1x 24ft extension cord
    • 1x 6 plug power strip
    • 1x multi port USB charger
    • 1x small powered speakers
    • 2x clip board
    • 4x Pencils
    • 4x Pens
    • 1x Sharpie
    • 1x Square Card Reader
    • 5x envelopes
    • 5x gallon plastic baggies
    • 1x Yellow Safety Folder
    • 1x Medium First aid kit
    • 5x Safety Log forms
    • 100x Pearce Robotics Info Business cards
    • 50x Fundraising letters
    • 100x Pearce Robotics Buttons


    • Make sure all students are "branded" with the Team Polos
    • Let the Team know you are leaving by making a comment in the Fundraising Slack or the Sponsorship Slack
    • verify the Booth in a Box's contents
    • Verify your square card reader works
    • Get some water and go

Set up

Tear Down

Check In

How to Use