Arbor Press

"You cant put a square peg in a round hole"

"We have a 5 ton arbor press in the shop Ill put what ever shape I want through that hole"

Arbor Press Safety

Warning this tool can cause Major Lacerations and Dismemberment!

Please become familiar with the Pearce Robotics General Safety Guidelines before use.

In addition to the general shop rules please follow these additional rules when using the arbor press

Arbor Press Overview

An arbor press is a small hand operated press. It is typically used to perform smaller jobs, such as staking, riveting, installing, configuring and removing bearings and other press fit work. Punches, inserts, or other tools/dies may be added to the end of the ram depending on the desired task. Arbor presses are usually rated by the maximum load they can apply. Typically common are presses with a leverage of 1–5 tons. This leverage is achieved when a force is applied to the lever arm or wheel.

In the Pearce Shop we have 2 Arbor Presses

    • a 1 ton "small press" we use this for pressing bearings, motor pressing, and some removal. we keep in on the pit benches
  • the 5 ton arbor press " bug press" We use this press for broaching and for removing stubborn items. ( be careful with the 5 ton press you can break your piece).

Arbor Press Use

Arbor Press Maintenance

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