3D Printing - MakerBot Replicator+ - MyMakerBot

For basic and low strength 3D Printing we use the MakerBot Replicator+ and the MyMakerBot Slicer app. It is recommended that you also know how to design and export 3D parts from Onshape.

if you are wanting to prove a design for printing on a MarkForged it is recommended to print your part on a MakerBot First

MakerBot Replicator+ Safety

    • The MakerBot Replicator generates high temperatures. Always allow the MakerBot Replicator to cool down before you reach inside.
    • The MakerBot Replicator includes moving parts that can cause injury. Never reach inside the MakerBot Replicator while it is in operation. There is a risk of shock. This product is not user-serviceable.
  • Do not leave the MakerBot Replicator unattended during operation.
    • Do not print using materials that have not been approved by MakerBot for use with the MakerBot Replicator. Refer to the Specifications section on page 52 for more information.
    • The socket-outlet must be located near the equipment and must be easily accessible. In case of emergency disconnect the MakerBot Replicator from the wall socket.
    • The MakerBot Replicator melts plastic during printing. Plastic odors are emitted during this operation. Make sure to set up the MakerBot Replicator in a well-ventilated area.

MakerBot Replicator+ Overview

We have 2 Makerbot Replicator Pluses in the shop. they are set up for use with PLA filament and are intended for very light duty parts, standoffs, or for mockups of parts that will be sent to the Markforged.

The Bed Size of the Makerbot Replicator Plus is 11.6" L x 7.6" W x 6.5" H [29.5cm L x 19.5cm W x 16.5cm H] for a total volume of 573 in3 [9492 cm3]

Sign up for a MakerBot/Thingiverse Account

Get added to the Pearce Robotics Organization

Export your 3D part from Onshape as an STL

Slice your part in MyMakerBot

Print setup

Leveling the Bed

Prepping the Bed

once your bed is leveled you need to prepare it for printing

    1. use a damp paper towel to remove any glue or plastic from the last print
    2. use a dry paper towel to dry the bed completly
    3. use the invisible mark elmers glue stick to add a thin layer of glue to the bed ( this will make provide a good sticky surface for the hot PLA and prevent curling)

Changing the filament


Clean up and Documentation

After using the Makerbot Replicator+ please make sure to clean the bed removing any 3D Material.

you must also fill out the Pearce Robotics 3D Printing Log to show what you pinted and when.

Basic Troubleshooting

The Sounds of Failure - video

Base is curled

the part either came detaches from the base while printing or there was a temperature issue.

    • try cleaning and putting a layer of glue stick on the bed and reprinting.

It Fell Down during printing

parts fall down because they don't have support or because of temperature issues

    • try increasing the infill or printing in a different orientation.

The edges/slopes are jagged

you tried to print a slope or void at the bare edge of what the printer can print 60 degrees).

    • redesign your part or change the orientation to remove the > 60 deg slope/edge

Stuart smashed it as an example

He did this to give a better showing of how much force is going to be on your part during competition.

    • try increasing the infill so at least he'll hurt his hand the next time he trys to smash it.

Printer jammed or stopped during a print

you will need to preform the MakerBot troubleshooting process

Print didn't stick

the part either came detaches from the base while printing or there was a temperature issue.

    • try cleaning and putting a layer of glue stick on the bed and reprinting.

Additional & Advanced Printing tutorials