So Ya Wanna be a Weeb (Anime Primer)

So over heard in the shop has been a lot of talk of anime, and to be honest y’all don't even have bad taste . . . y’all have no taste. So your mentor Stuart has put together a list of anime to help y’all develop a quality base. Note this list is made to be underclassmen appropriate, so nothing rated R or TV18(but some hard PG-13s in here), .


Space Cowboy kung-fu with an amazing jazz soundtrack. It's a masterpiece, everyone (weeb or not) should watch this. Also this is on the boarder of appropriate (violence) but its one of the best shows ever.

Stuart’s Favorite Anime. It plays out like a 3 hour music video, but its got some deep coming of age stuff in there. Being a teenager is weird, adults are weird, school is weird, the giant robots popping out of your head are weird, its like no one understands you and why can't everyone just grow up!

Sailor Moon Crystal -

The Grandmother of all Magical girl anime redone in 2014 and condensed for watchability. Trope definer.

Gundam Wing -

AKA The Best Gundam. Gotta get you dorks some mecha education. Stuart and Nathan reference this show ALOT in the shop


Japanese ghost(ish) stories/ Historical Slice of Life (no really Ginko is wearing 100% period clothing just in a way that is modern and out of place) . Super mellow, great watch for a rainy cold day.

Yu Yu Hakusho (through the dark tournament arc) -

Oldest (watchable) Shonen. This show set the tone for every fighting tournament anime ever. Everytime you see a fighting tournament you are watching a studio try and remake the dark tournament. Also sets the stage of “I need to fight stronger people so I can get stronger so I can fight stronger people” trope you see in all Shonen type anime.

Dragon Ball Z (through Frieza Saga) -

Watch Kai if you want to save time( 70 episodes to the end of Frieza vs like 300). Also you can start to watch Dragon Ball Abridged and get the jokes.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Watch the Dub

This is as much about giant robots as it's not about giant robots.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica -

An inverted take on the magical girl genre. See Sailor Moon(Through Season 1) first. Some deep thoughts in here

Serial Experiments Lain

If you liked the hours of thinking about what you just saw from Evangelion or Modoka . . . try this next. You may also want to see Paranoia Agent.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood . ..But Stuart enjoyed the first series more. . . like maybe see the first half of the first series before you see this series?


Your Name

Freaky Friday but as a love story. (guys its OK to like shows with good romance . . . also its OK to cry)

Spirited away

It’s Miyazaki. Everyone should see his stuff


More giant robots, but in a steampunk fantasy setting. Awesome soundtrack and mixing

Kiki’s Delivery Service

AKA The Best Miyazaki

this is not a jojo's reference