Engineering Drawings

Engineering drawings are the best way to communicate your design to the machinist making your part.

We use Onshape to make our engineering drawings

How to make a good engineering drawing

After you have taken Onshape CAD Fundamentals 6: Detailed Drawings to improve your ability in the shop you may want to get better at making Engineering Drawings

    1. Reading Engineering Drawings - This video discusses the basics of reading engineering drawings. It covers several fundamental topics; the layout of the drawing, the title block, first VS third angle projection, orthogonal versus isometric views, assembly drawings, exploded views, section views and detailed views
    2. Geometric Dimensions and Tolerance - The basic rules of setting up a part using geometric dimension and tolerancing.
    3. Gauges, Dimensioning and Errors - The dimensioning methods for technical drawings (chain vs baseline) and the gauging (attribute vs variable) and the types of errors that come with both.

Pearce Robotics Engineering Drawing Standards

    • We use IPS standard ( Inches Pounds Seconds)
      • Please note if you change to Metric
    • Our tolerances are +/- .1 inches unless otherwise noted
    • Put your name and date in the bottom corner
    • We use the bottom left hand corner as our datum.