Team Communication: Slack

The most important skill for an engineer is communication.

What they are doing, how they are doing it, when they will be done, what else they have left to do, where they can do better.

What is Slack?

Slack is our Team's Group Messaging application. it has addons that add support for calendars, tasks, pictures, and so much more. it really is the bedrock of our team.

How to get added to our Team in Slack

Our team slack is located at

Join via link

Click Here to Sign up (any email address)

How to install Slack

Slack has a Web, Desktop, and App versions. They are all fully functional


to use the web version to to


to use the desktop version install it from


Search for Slack in your app store


General Notifications

To keep your phone from blowing up you will want to set your default notifications to Direct Mentions, Messages, and Keywords

In your App go to Menu > Settings > Notifications > On Mobile Notify me about . . > and (select) Direct messages, mentions & keywords.

This will set it so you will only get a notification if someone uses @yourname or @agroupyouareamemberof

Additional you can go to My Keywords and add Keywords you want to be notified of as well ( such as your name with out the @)

By Channel Notifications (Leadership & Mentors)

Additionally it is recommended if you are in a special chat group ( such as mentors or Leadership) you enable notifications FOR THESE SPECIAL CHANNELS.

In your app go to Menu > Settings > Notifications > Channel-Specific notifications

Then click the "+" icon

(Select) the channel you want a special case for ex. Leadership

Then (Select) "All notifications"

How to Use Slack

Full Slack Documentation

Basic Slack Guidelines

    • Real Name & Real Picture - So we are a friends and a kind of family. So use your real name and use a picture of yourself.
    • Stay on Target - Try and keep conversations about topics in the channel topic.
      • Off topic conversation go in random.
      • If there is an off topic conversation that requires its own channel we can make one ( IE Minecraft or Pokemon GO)
    • Keep it PG . . . 13 - We aim for a PG-13 rating (that's more relaxed on language than you think)
    • Don't be Stupid - Don't do anything that would get you kicked out of school.