Standing Band Saw

Band Saw Safety

Warning this tool can cause Major Lacerations and Dismemberment!

Please become familiar with the Pearce Robotics General Safety Guidelines before use.

In addition to the general shop rules please follow these additional rules when using the band saw

    • Wear gloves when operating

Band Saw Overview

Our Band Saw is a

We it for cutting large cuts of both Wood and Metal (please change the blade when switching from wood and metal)

Band Saw Use

Feeds and Speeds Table

Band Saw Maintenance

    • When cutting metal use Tap Magic to lubricate
    • Each night the machine cast off bin needs to be emptied.
    • Each night the machine needs to be vacuumed and wiped down from sawdust and metal chips
    • Each week the machine should be opened up and vacuumed out.
    • When closing the shop for summer the blade needs to be removed and stored in light oil to prevent rusting and stretching.

Additional Documentation