Leadership Resources

Leadership Philosophy

A good leader acts in a way to share their passion with those around them, a great leader inspires passion in those around them.

Team Leaders

    • Keep everyone involved
      • Keep an organized list of all the things that can be done immediately( kanban ) and hand out tasks to idle members
      • Know your people, know what they like and what skills they have (and what they can grow in to)
        • You really want to work with them to find the overlap of what they like to do and what skills they have.
        • Give them opportunities to expand their skills to find new overlaps
        • Spread out the load, don't just rely on the one or 2 amazingly skilled members you have to do all the work. You will burn them out and break them. Also you waste the potential of your unskilled not-yet-skilled members.
    • Keep everyone updated
      • update your mentors, your leaders, and your members
      • bad news is like milk, its its much easier to take fresh. ( when something bad happens let those affected know as quickly as you can)

Club Leaders

Other Teams Resources

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Leadership Books

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