Our Guides and Documents for Securing Funding

Goal of Fundraising

Fundraising Tiers

Donations Only

    • Friend $1-$50
      • Reward: Button or thank you card
    • Silver $50-$500
      • Button Thank you card
      • Image on website
    • Gold $500-$1000
      • Button Thank you card, image on website
    • Premier $1000+

Person to Person Selling

from time to time we will sell items as part of a fundraiser & Public outreach effort.

in the past these have been

    • LED Light bulbs
    • Hex Bugs

2019-2020 Ideas & Projects

Small Fundraising Tools and Guides

Large Fundraising Tools and Guides

    • Elevator Pitch
    • Business Plan
    • Large Donation 1 Pager
    • Grant Canned Answers (list of already answered questions that can help you in filling out a new grant form)

Fundraising Kits

Crowd Funding

Online Donations

    • Venmo
    • Paypal
    • Amazon Smile
    • Amazon Wishlist

Local Giving