Training & Education

Process for Training

    1. Start with your Core Fundamentals

      1. Safety First

      2. Try and focus on 1 at a time

    2. Score an 80% on each of the mastery tests and move on to the next subject

    3. Select a "Specialty"

      1. Mechanical Design - Mechanical Engineering / Manufacturing track. You will learn CAD, how to take your ideas and better refine them to a design, and basic static dynamics.

      2. Software Engineering - Programming / Computer Science Track. you will learn how to program a robot using Java, you will also learn how to work with others on a project using good comments and documentation and source control. in later lessons you will work with computer vision, control loops, and other advanced control methods.

      3. Manufacturing and Assembly - here you will learn to use all the tools in the shop, their advanced functions and how to take a design and make it a real functional and RELIABLE machine.

      4. Awards & Documentation - This is the communication track. in awards training you will learn how to best communicate your and your teams ideas to a group of people. You will learn how to document, how to give a short and long presentation, and how to make a pivot table. of all the tracks this is the hardest and most valuable.