FRC District Choice

How we pick what districts we are going to each year.


To pick the best district for the team to attend based on the number of Mentors, Teachers, Chaperones, and Students able to attend

Ranked Weighted Choice

Each year we will open up a form with all the information on all the district events available to us.

Each member will note what events they

    • Want to attend
    • Can attend
    • Can't attend

Preference to events we have the ability to attend

We then assign weights to these votes based on key roles, minimum numbers, and team goals.

    • Key Mentors, Student Leaders, Teachers, and Chaperones get bonus weight (this is the #1 decider of where we go)
    • Events in inexpensive cities get bonus weights
    • Events where we feel the team will do well get bonus weights
    • Events with <6 students, <2 Mentors, <2 teachers or <2 Chaperones get 0'ed out

Preference to at least 1 Home Event

    • We will always pick the top ranked "local" no hotel district event.