Parts Order Process

We use Trello for our parts ordering tool.

Find the Part you Want

    1. Using our list of vendors find the part you need. and gather the following information
      1. Part Name
      2. Part Number
      3. Number of that part you need
      4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for all the parts you need
      5. Take a picture of the main part (you can normally just right click on the part picture and click copy)

Make a new Trello Card

    1. Go to our Trello Board at
      1. if this is your first time using Trello you will need to make an account with your preferred email
    2. Create a new Card in the 'To Order" List
    4. In the description place the name of each of the parts you need as separate line items in this order
      1. NumberNeededx Part Name Part Number
    5. Paste in the picture and Trello should add it to the top of the card.

Track your order

    1. Once you place your order the mentors will review it and may ask you questions for details.
    2. Once the Order has been approved the order will be placed and the card will move to the "On Order" List, a order Number may be added to the cards description.
    3. Once an Order has been Shipped we will update the card with a link to the shippers tracking information, add a label of when to expect the order, and move the card to the "Shipped" List
      1. if an order is for local Pick up we will move it to the "To Pick Up" List
    4. Once an Order has been delivered we will move the card to "Delivered" List and email the Teacher Sponsors to pick the part up.
    5. Once we have verified that the Order is in the Shop we will move the card to the "In the Shop" List

Example of a good card.