Manufacturing: 2D Milling- Easel

Easel is our cloud app for basic 2D Milling on the xCarve

Installing Easel

Easel is web based CAM application used for basic WYSIWYG 2D Milling on the XCarve. It is best used for quickly prototyping a degin the Rapid Design process.

    1. Go to
    2. Click Launch the app
    3. Click Sign in through Inventables
    4. If you already have an inventables account you can skip to step 12
    5. Otherwise click I am a new Customer
    6. Fill in your Email, Full name and choose a password.
    7. You will recieve an email confirming your account creation
    8. Click the link in the email to activate your account
    9. Go back to
    10. Click Launch the app
    11. Click Sign in through Inventables
    12. Click I am a returning customer
    13. Sign in with your Email address and inventables password
    14. Click Continue
    15. Bookmark the easel page in your browser
    16. To set the machine up to match our x carve
    17. Select Machine (in the left hand corrner)
    18. Change the work area to 31' x 31'
    19. Change the Bit Size ( in the right hand corrner) to 1/8
    20. Change the Material to the material you are working with.

Setting up the Mill

cutting a part