0. Preparing your Work Spaces

This process uses Onshape, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Github, and Basecamp. in addition you will be creating your teams Kanban Board in this process

In this process you will make copies of existing templates and link everything together. the goal of this process is to have all relevant documents created and shared with the entire team so you wont need to be looking and sharing as the build progresses.

You will still need to add documents and shares as you go on but this will get you started.

Set up your Basecamp Project

Create a new Onshape Document

Create a new Github Project

Create your Google Drive Folder

Copy over these templates

    • JVN Template
    • Pearce Robotics Base Engineering Notebook Template
    • Pearce Robotics Test form Template
    • Pearce Robotics Idea & Research Hyper Doc.

Link your documents in Onshape

Link your Documents in Basecamp

Make your Kanban Board