Operating Procedures

We have procedures for most everything.

As we run in to problems or successes we try and break it down to a procedure to replicate everyday.

General Rules

    • No food outside of the food area
    • Video games at gathering and dinner only
    • Always sign in when you come in
    • Check the Kanban Board for tasks to do
    • Look at the "Points" behaviors for other things to do

Standard Operating Procedure

    1. Everyone signs in on Daily Sign in Sheet
    2. Socialize Wait for the Daily Scrum
    3. Break into sub team work
      1. Take Tasks from the Kanban
    4. 3D Printing Use Log
      1. Sub Team Update Log
    5. Parts order
    6. Eat
    7. More sub team work
      1. Continue working on Kanban Tasks
    8. Clean up the shop using the Shop Clean up Checklist

Officer/Leader Daily Responsibilities

Each student leader has a daily responsibility that they must preform or explicitly delegate to another member. if this task does not get done that leader is resposible

Start of Meeting

    • Enter Yesterdays Sign In Log to the Attendance form - Secretary
      • Mark down those who stayed for cleaning
    • Update the Kanban with the previous nights mentor updates - Team Captain/President
    • Update the Donation log with any donations - Treasurer

End of Meeting

    • Ensure the shop was cleaned up using the Shop Clean up Checklist - Safety Captain
    • Take a picture of the Kanban and put it into the chat - Team Captain/President

Meeting Schedule

Special Operating Procedures

  1. Pizza Orders
  2. Food Process
    1. Snacks
    2. Day Trip Planning Process
    3. Over Night Trip Planning Process
    4. Event Planning Process
  3. Saturday Food