"Walker" Bag

We have 2 bags in the storage area of the shop for small groups to do small person to person fundraising.

Kit Purpose

The walker kits are designed to be a pick up and go for small fundraising.

Kit Contents

    • 1x Blue/Red Backpack
    • 1x Blue/Red Expandable folder
    • 1x small plastic box
    • 1x clip board
    • 1x small first-aid kit
    • 1x paper copy of this page
    • 1x Small Fundraising Log Sheet
    • 1x laminated small fundraising script
    • 4x Pencils
    • 4x Pens
    • 1x Sharpie
    • 1x Square Card Reader
    • 5x envelopes
    • 5x gallon plastic baggies
    • 5x Safety Log forms
    • 12x Pearce Robotics Donation Receipt Sheets
    • 50x Pearce Robotics Info Business cards
    • 50x Fundraising letters
    • 50x Pearce Robotics Supporter Buttons
    • 50x Pearce Robotics Supporter Mini Posters

How to Use

Who to target

The Walker bags and fundraiser script are aimed at small business and individual donors. these are local personal connections that will not only help us financially but also help build support in the community.

target local housing estates and small local business parks.

you want to look for places that have a high concentration of independent ( able to make their own sponsorship decisions without going to a corporate office) small donors in a walk-able area (hints walker bags)

Before you Leave

    • Find a small group of students that want to go fundraising with you
    • Make sure all students are "branded" with the Team Polos
    • Pick a Location you want to fund raise and clear with a Teacher Sponsor or Mentor.
      • make sure your team leader has their phone number as an emergency contact
    • Let the Team know you are leaving by making a comment in the Fundraising Slack.
    • Take a Bag and verify its contents
    • Verify your square card reader works
      • you have someone on your team with a login and the app on their mobile device
    • Get some water and go

When you leave


    • Evaluate the situation and contact your emergency contact if needed.
    • Use the first aid kit
    • Log the safety incident using a OSHA Form 301

Small Sponsor Process

    • Approach the potential sponsor
    • Read off the Small Sponsor Script (or improvise )
    • Take the money
      • Cash - Place in Cash envelope
      • Check - Place in Check envelope
      • Credit Card - Use the Square Card Payment
    • Log their info in a Small Fundraising Log Sheet
      • if they don't want to give you info just drop it and just write down the amount.
    • Thank them for their donation
      • Give them a button
      • Give them a card
    • Move to the next potential sponsor

When you Comeback

      • Place any used OSHA Form 301 Forms in the back of the Safety Binder
      • Update the Safety Binder's OSHA Form 300 with the incident
      • inform a Sponsor or Mentor
    • Let the Fundraising Slack know you are back
      • be sure to brag in the HQ chat how much money you just got
    • Give your Money Envelopes and Log Sheet to the mentor or sponsor on duty
    • Inventory your bag
    • Put all items back in the bag
    • Put the bag back in the storage area
    • Get some water