Safety FIRST! 

We take safety VERY seriously. The only way we are able continue as a club, team, and organization is because we put the safety of our members at the core of everything we do. 

On our team keeping all risk to 0 isn't the goal, but it's about educating everyone on how to properly use the tools and recognizing and managing the risk to minimize the chance of error and the consequences of that error.  

Our Safety Manual

Our Safety Manual is based on the  2024 FIRST Safety Manual,  Please read this document thoroughly and use the information contained to complete the Safety Test below. Passing the test requires ≥ 90%. Passing is required before participating in FIRST activities and any access to the shop. 

A physical copy is kept in a yellow binder at the Check-In Station with the PPE, Battery Spill Kit, and First Aid Kits. First Aid Kits are also located in the pits.

Generic Shop Rules

Dangers from Tools in our shop

Documenting Safety Incidents

Safety Incidents/Accidents

OSHA Definition - An “Accident” is defined as an unplanned event that results in personal injury or property damage.

OSHA Definition - An "Incident" is defined as an unplanned event that does not result in personal injury but may result in property damage or is worthy of recording.

Near Misses

OSHA definition - "Near misses" describe incidents where no property was damaged and no personal injury sustained, but where, given a slight shift in time or position, damage and/or injury easily could have occurred.

RAWR Safety Certification Test

This test is updated every semester and must be passed EVERY semester before kickoff or before you work in the shop. 

List of Current Safety Certifications

Spring 2024 Safety Test Results

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Alexander Guarnero

Alicia Smith

Angie Hall

Anthony Hernandez

Benjamin Le

Benjamin Trinh

Brandon Camper

Chase Beverly

Daniyal Kadar

Eden Brown

Hudson Strub

Isaac Pablo Molina

Josue Gonzalez

Kate Dawson

Kevin Moore

Madyson Torngren

Oliver Gilbert

Ryan Yu

Ty Mitchell

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