Robotics Teacher

So Mentoring is like being a high school students "responsible older friend/sibling", They trust you they hate you they love you and its the most rewarding thing I've ever done

You get to teach them things you wish you would have known at that age, warn them about obstacles that they may face, and share with them amazing successes that await them.


Team Philosophy

We want our team to be a safe place where any Pearce student can come to gain a better appreciation for what it is to be an engineer.

We want our team to meet the students where they are in the academic and personal lives.

We want our team to challenge our students to grow and improve with each day and each iteration.

We want our team to be an example for our school and our community of what high school students are really capable of.

We want our team to grow and show marked improvement in every measured category each year.

This Weeks Schedule

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you can also follow the instructions at the bottom of team.pearcerobotics.com/calendar to add this to your own calendars

Team Roster

2019-2020 Student Member Tracking

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What is expected of me

Basic Teacher Responsibilities

  • Be a positive role model for the students
  • Stay after school with the team 1 evening (4:30-8:30) a week during build and competition seasons( see the calendar)
    • You may grade homework or prep for classes we don't need you in the shop watching the students at all times.
    • We do need you to be there for RISD insurance.
    • The team provides food during these days
    • you will never be the only adult, there will always be at least 1 Mentor assigned to that day (most days we have several)
  • Communicate with the other teachers and mentors to ensure full teacher coverage of work days

Above and Beyond Teacher Responsibilities

      • Embrace the FIRST Ideals that teaching our students hard-work, cooperation, with a focus on Science, Engineering, Art, and Technology Education really is the best way of producing positive futures for our students and our school.
    • Recruit additional students and teachers and be an be an evangelist of the Robotic Team to the other teachers and students
      • Work with the students to build a better environment for STEAM Education at Pearce
      • Work with the administration at RISD and Pearce for a better environment for the Robotics Team and STEAM Education.

The Task Assignment Board

There are always tasks to be done, our best advice to have fun and stay engaged is to pick 1 thing to "own". Find a student or to and work with them on that item.

So we have started a list of all the tasks that can be done in a season. Its a "Task assignment" Trello Board and can be found here. hey are tagged with how much commitment they take, when they need to be done, and the type of skill that is needed (NEMO vs Technical)

Donors Choose

As part of our fundraising efforts we have several Donors Choose templates available. We would love if all of our teachers have 1 of these going on at all times.

Lead Teacher Sponsor Responsibilities

    • Work with the other Teacher Sponsors to determine who will accompany The Team to their competitions.
      • Communicate with the mentors and students school/district events or changes that may affect the Team.
      • Monitor Email and Trello board for Shipments to the Robotics Team.
      • Deliver Shipments from Shipping Room to Shop Area.
      • Work with the School administration for forms and permissions
    • Work with the student leadership to plan and facilitate additional activities
    • Enforce school rules and decorum and correct student discipline issues
    • All teacher sponsors are empowered to correct student issues as they see fit when they see fit. They do not need to consult with the mentors on issues of student discipline. If a teacher wants to discuss before or after the correction they may but this is not a requirement

Required forms

Team Communication

Field Trip Forms and Process

    • RISD Field Trip Request form
    • RISD Overnight Stay form

Teacher Guides