2. Create Game Strategy and Design Matrix

This process is designed to be completed using a mind map and spreadsheet applications and slack to communicate.

Break down every scoring opportunity

    1. Create a new node in your mind map for each way you can score a point ( look in the scoring section of the rules)
    2. create a child node for the number of points you get for completing this point
    3. Determine if the points are repeatable, or not, or has a max number of repetitions
    4. If it is a 0 sum game taking away 2 points from the opposition is the same as scoring 2 points for yourself

Break down each action needed for points

*you don't build a chassis to drive the robot around, you build a chassis to drive game pieces around*

    1. Under each scoring node put the actions needed to score the points
    2. Create a child node under each action detailing
      1. How much time does it take to preform each action ( drive from point A-B, pick up item C, drive from point B-A, etc)
      2. How many degrees of freedom each action takes
    3. Find over lapping scoring actions
    4. How many degrees of freedom for each action take
    5. Some point actions over lap what are the overlapping actions

Break down game flow

    1. What happens in Auton?
      1. Can you win a match in the Auton only?
      2. Can you lose a match in the Auton only?
      3. Whats the best place to be in at the end of Auton?
        1. Robot position and state
        2. Field/Score state.
    2. What happens in Teleop Play?
      1. Identify "low" "medium" and "high" scoring
      2. Where are the inflection points in a game?
      3. What are early tells for wining/losing a match?
    3. What is the end game?
      1. can you win a match with then end game only

Break down choke hold strategies

    1. Is there a strategy that if you preform you win every time 50%+1
    2. Is there a max score for your area (BEST), is there a way of max score + 1

Break down feasible strategies

    1. Are there strategies that are common together?
    2. What do you think other teams might do?
      1. if this is FIRST what can you do to compliment this? what can you do to distinguish yourself?
    3. How can each of these strategies loose? how can they win?

Play out mock games

    1. On a mock field play out mock games using strategies you have designed and count your points. use yourself and your team mates as your robot.
    2. Play out as many mock games as you can.
    3. Record your results.

Create a spreadsheet (design matrix)

    1. With all these actions in a table with the number of degrees of freedom, time it takes to preform ,the points associated with preforming, difficulty in repeating action, if its part of a choke-hold strategy( or other type of strategy), how many times the action over laps in scoring and weight each item appropriately.
    2. Look at how ranking points are awarded.
      1. with FiT district scoring you can advance just by consistently scoring ranking points.
    3. Try to determine "cheep" points( minimum actions for some points) and "expensive" points (lots of complex actions for some points)
      1. How do you maximize points per second?
      2. How do you maximize ranking points per match
    4. When you order each of your actions by weighted value you should have a priority list of actions your robot needs to take.
    5. Pick an appropriate number of actions to be great at. *its better to be 10/10 at 1 thing than to be 5/10 at 4 things*
      1. Robots that drive All the Time, score in Auton All the Time, and have a basic Endgame All the Time win matches, win banners, and advance to champs.