Saturday Food (Burgers and Bots) / Grilling

The mentors cook and supply grilled burgers and hot dogs each Saturday we are at the shop


So we want to reduce cross contamination and direct handling of food by the people making the food.

    • Be aware of any food allergies in your group and remove any food that might cause a problem
    • Always wear food gloves when you are working with food ( buns, vegetables, meats)
    • Separate meats and vegetables using the labeled cutting board, knife, and tray
    • Separate pork and beef products
    • Cook all meat through (medium)
    • Remember that the grill is hot and keep away from flammable and meltable items.

Defrost and inventory food the Thursday before


We keep all the meats frozen in the freezer. On Thursday place (wrapped) in the refrigerator

    1. 12 hamburger patties
    2. 2 boca burgers
    3. 1 large pack of hot dogs


Verify we have the following items and add to your shopping list if we are out of anything

    1. 20 cheese slices (check date)
    2. 1 Case of water
    3. Mustard
    4. Mayo (check date)
    5. Ketchup
    6. Relish
    7. Pickles
    8. Charcoal
    9. Paper Plates
    10. Plastic Cups
    11. Plastic utensils
    12. Napkins
    13. Paper Towels
    14. Aluminum foil

Items to buy before hand

We always buy the these items 1 -2 days before to ensure freshness.

    • Hamburger buns
    • Hot dog buns
    • Lettuce (store in cool place)
    • Tomato (store in cool place)
    • 16 small bags of chips
    • Cookies

Prep Work

Start prepping 1 hour( before you want to eat (10:30a is a good start time). Prep can take 20 min and you need to start the grill 15 -20 min before you start cooking

    1. Set up Grill
      1. Place the grill 6+ feet from the garage door
      2. Open the bottom and top vents 100%
      3. Place the chimney start in the grill
      4. Fill the chimney start with charcoal ( ~2kg)
      5. Take 7 sheets of paper towels and wad up into a ball
      6. Lift up the chimney start and place the ball on the grill
      7. Set the ball on fire
      8. Place the chimney start on the ball
      9. Leave the grill open with the grate off while till the bricks turn white/red
    2. Set up table by the grill
      1. move a folding table from the conveyor room to with in 2 feet of the grill
      2. place 1 roll of paper towels on the grill table
      3. place your tongs, spatula on the grill table
      4. place paper plates on the grill table
    3. Set up food table ( you can get a student to do this)
      1. Move a folding table to where the students want to eat
      2. Cover in plastic table cloth
      3. Place condiments
        1. mustard
        2. mayo
        3. pickles
        4. ketchup
        5. relish
      4. Place out bags of chips
      5. Place out cookies
    4. Wipe down all cutting boards, knifes and cooking utensils with a paper towel and some water just to clean off any dust
    5. Put on food serving gloved
    6. Foil Trays
      1. Completely wrap our 6 baking sheets in Aluminum foil
      2. Place those on the grill table
    7. Cut Vegetables
      1. Using the veg knife cut 2 tomatoes and place on 1 tray
      2. Using the veg knife shred 1 head of lettuce and place on the tomato tray.
      3. place veg tray on the food table
    8. Take Student + Mentor Orders
      1. They get 2 total of hot dog or hamburger. (1h1d, 2h0d, 0h2d), if they want a cheese burger or boca burger note that)
      2. Lay out amount in 2 foil trays (separating hot dogs and hamburgers, and boca burgers) and place on the grill table
      3. Place sliced cheese on hamburger tray ( count for number of cheese burgers)


Cooking can take 20 min for all the food

    1. Once grill briquettes are white hot ( this may take 15-20 min after you start the grill) dump them out of the chimney start and spread them out flat and put on the grill grate
    2. Cook Hamburgers
      1. Using the tongs or spatula place out up to 9 hamburgers
      2. Season tops of hamburgers with salt and pepper
      3. Close the lid
      4. Flip hamburgers after the browning starts to show up on the top edge
      5. Season bottoms of hamburgers with salt and pepper
      6. Place cheese slices on the burgers that need cheese
      7. Close the lid
      8. Remove hamburgers once they are cooked through and place on clean tray
      9. Repeat steps 1-7 for all the hamburgers
    3. Cook boca burgers and hot dogs
      1. Once all hamburgers are done use the wire brush and oil to wipe off the grates
      2. Then lay out the number of boca burgers you have
      3. Also lay out all the hot dogs (leave 2 inches around the boca burgers)
      4. Close the lid
      5. Flip the boca burgers after 4 min
      6. Rotate the hot dogs ensuring grill marks on all edges
      7. Remove boca burgers and hot dogs once the parts of the outside have strong grill marks and place on a separate clean tray


    1. Once an item is ready you can call the members outside to get it.
    2. Have them take a plate
    3. Have another mentor put on gloves and hand out buns for what the member ordered
    4. Using the tongs and spatula place a hot dog or hamburger on their bun
    5. Members go back to the food table to eat and dress their burgers and hot dogs

Clean up

    1. Wipe down grill grate
      1. Using the wire brush and oil
      2. Scrape the grate till all burnt meat bits are removed from the grate
    2. Cool Grill
      1. Remove the grate from the grill
      2. Fill a bucket with water
      3. Pour the bucket of water in the grill stiring the coals with the spatula till you make a hot charcoal slurry ( you will still have bricks but any fire should be gone
      4. pour off any water in to the drain by the band hall you want to keep any large charcoal in the grill
      5. Move the grill out in to the sun
    3. Throw away all paper plates and chip bags
    4. Remove all foil from trays throwing away all items on the tray
    5. Wash utinsles
      1. in a separate basin put water and a small amount of dish soap
      2. using the scrubbing sponge clean all knifes and cutting boards used.
      3. wipe these dry with a paper towel before storing back in the blue picnic box
      4. wipe down trays with a wet paper towel then dry before putting back in the picnic box
    6. Put all condiments back in the refrigerator
    7. Put all uneaten bread, chips, cookies on the refrigerator to be eaten within 1 week.
    8. Wipe down all tables and place back folded in the corner of the convener room
    9. put table cover back in the blue picnic box
    10. place any unused paper towel tolls back in the picnic box
    11. Recover charcoal
      1. place the damp warm charcoal in a box to use for the next week. ( allow to dry over the week)
      2. wipe down the grill dry
      3. store grill in the corner of the shop