Weekly Parent Tips

Adding the Pearce Robotics Public Calendar to your personal calendar.

Google on a PC logged into your Google Account click here

Apple on a PC or Apple iPhone logged into your iCloud account click here

Outlook on a PC logged with Outlook installed; Open Outlook > Open the Calendar tab > Right click on My Calendars on the left hand side > SelectAdd Calendar > Select From Internet > and type webcal://3.basecamp.com/3782372/buckets/4091054/schedules/567917997/feed/SXiadxwSXvztyPixDRXC77yM.ics

Signing up and viewing the dinner calendar.

We need as many parents as we can helping out with the dinners, to sign up and view the dinner calendar go to https://tinyurl.com/pearceroboticsmealsand scroll to the bottom.

Shared Photo Album

In robotics we keep a shared google photos album that all the students, mentors, and volunteers can add photos and videos of the robotics going on. Competitions, build season, tests, scrimmages, and just being silly it's all in there. You can view and add to the album here.

FIRST Scholarships

FIRST has over 80 million in scholarships available just for FIRST Alumni. If your student is a junior or senior now is the time to start looking and applying for those scholarships. Yes! Many of these scholarships are targeted to Juniors. Go to https://www.firstinspires.org/scholarships and scroll down to the list and start filtering and sorting. I recommend filtering by grade and sorting by due date.


So as we start getting closer to the FTC Competition season we are going to start needing volunteers, both for the team (chaperones and carpooling) and for the events (field queue and admin table). None of these require knowledge about the game or robotics or the competitions, it's just a way to help out. Check out Kasey Tross's story - about a parent's experience volunteering for the first time at her child's event.

Contact Stuart if you would like to volunteer.