Team Mechanical and Design: SolidWorks and GrabCAD

Post date: May 12, 2016 3:53:38 PM


  1. Fill our the Solidworks SEK Form at your SEK ID is XSEK12
  2. Once you fill out the page you will have the option to chose a Download. Choose the 2016-2017 version
  3. Once the Download has finished install it with the following license codes
  4. SolidWorks CAD serial number: 9020005940533938CVWHHPG4
  5. SolidWorks Composer serial number: 9020005240846036PDMWZMD7
  6. To install Solidworks Composer on the Product selection page Uncheck Solidworks Composer Player and Check Solidworks Composer

HSMWorks – 3D (3 axis & turning) Milling toolpath support

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the form and select SolidWorks 2016 as the SolidWorks Version.
  3. In the field “Do you have any specific requirements?”, enter BEST Robotics 2016
  4. You will receive an email within 1 business day authorizing your download. You will also have the option of upgrading to the full professional version at that time at not cost.
  5. Run the program after download to complete the installation. Activate the Software with the serial number provided in the email.
  6. The evaluation license will be for 30 days. The professional version license will be for 3 full years!

SolidWize (SolidWorks online Training)

    1. Go to
    2. Choose “lifetime membership”
    3. Enter the discount code bestrobotics1 to enable free registration ( you will not have to provide a credit card if you enter this code)


    1. Create a GrabCAD account at
    2. You will receive an email verifying your address. click the link to activate your account
    3. Once you have an account log in and click on the "Download app" in the top right corner.
    4. once the download has finished double click the installer and agree to the EULA
    5. Click Launch to launch the desktop app. and login with your newly created ID
    6. If the app asks to install the SolidWorks plugins please do so.
    7. GrabCAD May ask you to designate a folder to save all GrabCAD Files to. Select the Default.
    8. Once this is done fill out the Pearce Robotics CAD/CAE/CAM Access Form to be added to the Pearce Robotics Projects.
    9. Wait for an email confirming you have been added to the projects.
    10. Once you have been added to the projects you may use the Connect button on the screen to link the clouds version of the design files with your own.

FRCSim Plugin ( for Simulation)

    1. Download the plugin here
    2. Run the installer Run the installer, taking all the defaults. (If .Net is not currently installed on your machine, you will be asked to install it. Follow the directions it provides)
    3. Open Solidworks
    4. Click Addons and verify the Gazebo exporter Addon is turned on.