Onshape Part Libraries, Feature Scripts, and addons

In addition to the basic Onshape we use several additional libraries and feature scripts to make designing robots easier.

MKCad (Part Libraries)

MKCad is a community FRC/FTC Library kept up to date with all the FRC/FTC parts we may use. Instead of building a COTS part from scratch see if its in the MKCad Library first.

    1. on the side click Public and search for MKCad.

  1. https://cad.onshape.com/documents?column=promotedAt&order=desc&q=MKCad&resourceType=filter&nodeId=3

Instructions for "adding" MKCad

Due to the popularity of MKCad and the inability of Onshape users to not make copies of copies of things, when you search for MKCad in the public space you will find several copies of MKCad, most all of them not being maintained or updated. YOU DO NoT WANT TO USE THE COPIES.

To get around this limitation in Onshape we recommend you do the following.

    1. Do a public search for "MKCad"

Search for MKCad in the public
    1. Right click on any MKCad library that is owned by "Ricky Marcus" or "Milkenknights Test Account"

    2. Create a Label called "-MKCad" ( put the "-" before it because Onshape sorts your label alphabetically)

      1. if you have already created a "-MKCad" Label you just need to select the label

    3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all MKCad libraries owned by "Ricky Marcus" or "Milkenknights Test Account"

Once you do this, when you need a part for your cad just search for MKCad you can just click on your "-MKCad" Label and search for the part you want knowing that it will always be the most correct most up to date version.

Useful FeatureScripts

FeatureScripts are custom features that you can use in your Part Studios. FIRST students and mentors have developed features to make many parts more easily in fewer steps.

    1. Ricky's Featurescripts (Onshape | CD Thread)

      • Custom Length Extrusion

      • Extrusion Grid - used for making bulk custom length extrusions

      • Add Sketch - used for ricky's personal purposes to make cutouts for Rickboxes

      • Set Material - a set material (see below) that works with composite parts. kinda jank so be warned.

    2. Julia's Featurescripts (Onshape | CD Thread)

      • Extrude Individual - use to take one sketch and make multiple parts

      • Tube Converter - will shell out a 2x1 tubes and add hole patterns

      • Motor Mounting - mounting hole patterns for standard FRC motors

      • Record Hole Profile/Place Hole Profile - making cuts across part studios

      • Chain Generator

      • Gusset - generates gussets to cover selected holes

      • Shaft Generator

      • Isogrid Pattern - generates a nice lightening pattern

    3. Alex's Featurescripts (Onshape | Blog)

      • Belt Featurescript (CD Thread) - for creating belts and pulley runs

      • Plate Featurescript (CD Thread) - for quickly creating plates with holes for fasteners, bearings, and motor mounting

    4. MKCad Featurescripts (Onshape | CD Thread) - I probably wouldn't use these...

    5. Automated Part Number (Onshape | CD Thread)

    6. Set Material (Onshape) - more official than the one in my Custom Length Extrusions

    7. Spur Gear (Onshape)

    8. Surface Text (Onshape) - Lets you put text on your parts (generated or static)

    9. Laser Joint Tools (Onshape) - Modifies parts to be easily cut and assembled on a laser cutter


So Onshape lets us design our robots in the cloud and provides a folderstructure to keep everything nice and neat. But woulnt it be great if we could bring in our Documentation, Spreadsheets, Math, or other non onshape drawings in to that structure.

With LinkTab you can add a tab that is just a link to another web page (including google docs)